The Dealer or Croupier

If you’re playing roulette in an American casino then the game is usually run by a single dealer.  However in Europe you’ll sometimes find a couple of croupiers (French term for dealer) – this happens on the double tables which are just to large for a single croupier to manage.

You will find in some of the really busy casinos that the dealer may have an assistant however this is quite rare.  So what are the duties of a casino croupier or dealer?

  • Changes players cash into roulette chips
  • Assists with placing bets
  • Spins the wheel
  • Collects all losing chips
  • Pays off winning bets

If you watch the cycle a few times you’ll get a pretty good understanding of the role of the croupier.  Remember they’re role is to make  the game run smoothly so don’t be afraid of asking a question if needed.  If you are playing for the first time it’s best to find a quieter table where the croupier has time to help you.

Watching over several tables will be a pit boss.  They are there to supervise the okay at the tables and to watch all the games are being run and played fairly.  If there is a dispute or any problem the Pit boss should be called.  They have the authority to resolve any dispute although to be fair most casinos are so well run there’s rarely any problems.

If you’re even slightly unsure, there’s an easy way to prepare yourself for a visit to the casino.  There are now quite a few decent online roulette games which link to proper casinos.  Have a look at the ones recommended here –, many of them have free games too so you can observe and practice.  It’s a great way to practice and check out the various bets.  You’ll also see the role of the croupier in a proper casino – obviously you’ll have to find a live roulette game and not a computer based casino !!


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