Bias of Roulette Wheel

by on September 4, 2012

Roulette is a game of pure chance, play sensibly and lady luck will decide whether you win or lose.   Over time the game has a negative expectation, which means that it is expected you will eventually lose.  The reason is as is explained on these pages the ‘house edge’  – that built in advantage that the casino enjoys.   However if there is something wrong with the wheel perhaps it is not completely straight, maybe the parts of the wheel are more worn than others – then it might be that there maybe a slight bias.

When we say a wheel has a bias we are implying that there is something wrong with it, but also that some numbers are favored more than others.  Such physical faults with a casino wheels are pretty rare nowadays, as casinos are very meticulous to ensure there are no problems.  But we’re all human and it could happen – casino managers make mistakes too.  Perhaps the installation of the wheel wasn’t performed correctly or procedures were not followed.   A fault can cause a significant bias in numbers without being visible to the naked eye.

If you do detect a bias in a casino wheel then by all means take advantage of it, it’s not cheating!

A Roulette Wheel Bias Story

I heard a story from a friend of mine who was playing in a casino in France.  It wasn’t a large casino just one of those older, provincial casinos you find all over Europe.  Anyway when playing in this casino he noticed that in the evening under the glare of the elaborate chandeliers that a few of the metal pockets on the wheel seemed to gleam a little differently.  He decided this was due to them appearing to be slightly more worn than the rest of the pockets.    Anyway to investigate he started clocking the wheel and noting all the numbers, whilst doing this he just played random outside bets occasionally so as to look natural.

He concluded after several hours that there did seem to be some bias in this particular roulette wheel.  The worn pockets for some reasons seemed to be coming up more often that the other numbers. There were four of these numbers in total and he gradually started placing large bets just on those particular numbers.  Of course they didn’t always come up, this was only a slight bias but my friend did make a large profit for the evening.

He returned for the next four nights, each night focusing on these four biased numbers.  Every night he won, every night a big profit was banked. Until one night he returned to find that the casino wheel had been replaced.  That is the problem with a real roulette wheel bias, if someone starts to exploit it then it becomes noticed very quickly unfortunately.

It is possible to have a bias in other forms of roulette too.  For example in the hundred of online casinos, the wheel is of course electronic and it’s spin is controlled by a computer algorithm.   This algorithm contains some code known as the RNG (Random Number Generator) which ensures that spins are random.  Of course this will never be perfect as you can’t program ‘random’ – many people insist there are weaknesses in popular online casinos.  These are supposedly exploitable by a large assortment of  casino killer type software like this – the Casino Sniper

Personally I don’t think they work for the simple reason that if they did work you’d be mad to release it to the outside world!  It is definitely possible though which is why I would always prefer to play at real physical casino and if I can’t then one of the excellent real time online casinos like Dublinbet.


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