Whittaker Progression System

by on September 20, 2012

As you may have thought from its title, the Whittacker system is one of the many progression based systems just like the Martingale System.   Using a pre-planned progression, you can possibly improve or lower your bets based on your wins or losses, just by working your away going along the progression series.

You will build your sequence as follows: create a sequence of amounts (as in the Labouchere System).

  • We’ll use a Fibonacci series: 1,1,2,3,5,8,13.
  • Begin by wagering one unit — $1.
  • Wager $1 again.
  • Should you lose, you’ll bet $2.
  • Should you lose again, you’ll bet $5.

If you win again, at any point within the series, you will be able to scratch  off the final two numbers of the series — in this instance, 13 and 8.

  • At this point, your next bet may be $5.

Like the Martingale, this program is one of negative progression. You must  raise wagers when you lose, and reduce them when you win.  In this way, you can theoretically lock in your gains and recover any losses with few spins.

Some thing to consider: one losing spin can clean your earnings away in one fell swoop. Always understand when to call it quits – this goes for any system even if it’s one you’ve made up.

As with any roulette system, while the Whittacker Progression will assist you to add some strategy to your wagers, it cannot, in any manner, affect the chances in your favour.

Chance is chance.

The roulette wheel has no recollection whatsoever, and doesn’t change because of  what occurred on the previous spin any more than it cares what may happen on the following spin.

The Whittaker Roulette Method is suprisingly popular and many people swear by it.  However you should always decide beforehand what your loss limit it, and know what your winnings target is.  Be prepared to leave from the table when you’ve reach either of these, and recall: it’s a casino game.

Play for amusement, not for a living. Keep your budget in brain, and keep it established in rock. You need to be able to leave from the tables with great memories, even if maybe not a profit.

Some might find that the satisfaction of the game of roulette is influenced by sticking with a rigid progression system like Whittaker, but it’s crucial that you  follow these methods or not.  Also make sure you understand the basics of the roulette rules followed in the casino you’re in – they can make a huge difference to your chances.

Sometimes when opportunity is conspiring against you this may feel hard. It can also sometimes feel  like a permit to print cash so leaving can be even more difficult.  Fate can change your results though in a twinkle of the eye – a big win can convert into a big loss in a very short time.

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