What Are the Best Value Roulette Bets?

by on December 28, 2011

So what is the very best roulette bet?  Unfortunately there is no single answer because it very much depends on a number of different objectives.You need to answer some questions.  Is your primary goal just to maximise profit?  Or perhaps it is to maximise your playing time or just the maximise likelihood of a really big win.

But certainly you should be honest with yourself and realise  that in the long run it’s pretty much impossible to be ahead overall.Purely because roulette has a built in advantage for the house, something that you can never defeat.

Remember on a American Wheel for example which has a couple of zeros on the wheel, the house will payout approximately 94.7% of the bets taken.Mind you if you’re playing online you should be on a European wheel which the house will pay up to 97.3%.It’s the most important tactic you can employ in fact, never play on an American roulette wheel if you have any choice.

There are other advantages which make a significant change to the house odds such as En Prison, Le Partage rules both are good for the player.Most of the European casinos will use both of these aswell for a very fair game.Just to summarise they help you get a little of your money back when the wheel spins a zero.It certainly makes the even money bets much more attractive and reduces the house odds considerably.In fact with all these rules and on a european wheel the advantage is down to a very reasonable 1.35%.Just remember European wheel plus en prison equals the best odds on offer.

So the rules of the roulette game you play are in fact more important than the bets you place.But don’t fret too much about the long term gain of roulette.It’s a game of chance and luck, which if lady luck is on  your side can lead to incredible winnings.
If you focus on inside bets like individual numbers then you’ll get very wild swings in your stake.There is the potential for much bigger wins, unfortunately winning will happen much less often using these bets.If you stick to the outside bets, it’s harder to win big but your stash will last much longer.So to maximise your casino playing time then the outside bets are definitely for you.But if you’re feeling very lucky then inside bets could lead to a fortune.

This is one of the reasons that I love roulette, it’s a game of chance which you can play recklessly or very conservatively depending on how you feel.If you have a few hours to kill and want to make sure your cash lasts out then pick the outside bets.However in practice most players will probably use a combination of inside and outside bets when they play.It’s definitely wise to have some sort of basic strategy and especially important to decide upon a time you will finish before your start to play.

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