The Labouchere Roulette Strategy

by on June 5, 2012

If you’ve ever fancied yourself as James Bond in your local casino then this systems might be for you as it’s named after the famous spy.  Although I’m not exactly sure if this is the sort of system the flamboyant secret agent would have selected.  The system we are going to introduce here is called the Labouchere System which is one of the many negative progression strategies. This esentially means that when you make a losing bet you increase your stake to cover the loss. The thinking behind this is that whenever you win any previous losses will be covered too.

It’s not difficult to follow, although if you are using Labouchere System for the first time then making notes with a pen and paper will help. In order to keep this illustration simple then we’ll use a very simple sequence of 1,2,3,3,4.


To work out your initial stake then add the first and last number listed in your sequence together, so in this example it would be 1 and 4 to make a five dollar stake.  If you win then you will need to cross off those numbers off your sequence, so in our example it’s 4 and 1.

You would then have to decide on your next stake which is the sum of the first and last numbers remaining in our sequence – here it’s 2 and 3 so thestake is again 5 dollars.  You keep betting like this until you only have one number remaining which will be your final bet.  Of course, you’re not going to win every spin so the question is what do you do with the Labouchere Strategy when you lose?

It’s actually quite straight forward, when you lose then you can add the number to the sequence instead of taking it away.In this illustration on losing the first spin we’d have added 5 to the end of our sequence (1+4).You have to complete a sequence before you can start a new one.

The Labouchere Strategy certainly sounds simple so what’s the thinking behind it ?

It’s very logical, simply if you win you remove two numbers and if you lose you add a single number.So if you are able to complete the sequence you will have won.The sequence of numbers determines everything in this strategy – the winnings, the stake and your potential losses.When compiling your list remember that the larger the numbers, then the bigger your winnings can be – but also your losses.If you complete a sequence you will have won however a bad run of luck can make this very difficult to achieve.

With all these roulette systems it’s important to remember that the Labouchere System won’t change the odds in any way.It does however ensure you play with some discipline.It’s also useful for another important facet to successful gambling – sticking to your budget.When you get used to it, it’s actually quite a fun roulette strategy to employ.Don’t put too many high numbers in your sequence though – although it can bring high winnings remember you have to place the stake in the first place.

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