Rules of Roulette

by on November 28, 2011

The rules of roulette are actually quite simple – here’s a quick summary.

In European roulette there are a total of thirty seven pockets, which include the numbers  0-36 inclusive.  These are also alternately colored red and black apart from zero which is normally green.In order to win, you need to predict the outcome of each spin of the wheel by placing bets on the outcome.

But by far the easiest way to learn the rules of roulette and betting strategies is by actually playing the game.  However obviously you don’t want to risk real money whilst learning these rules so we have something for you.

Below is a fully functioning online casino brought to us from one of the most trusted casinos in the business – Bodog.  There’s no need to register and you can play below using free tokens straight away – just try it.  Below you’ll find a summary of the rules and a quick list of the majority of the roulette bets for reference.

Have Fun

To Play for Real Money – Visit Bodog Casino

To Play for Real Money – Visit Bodog Casino

Inside Bets – There are actually a huge variety of inside bets which will normally match the maximum table amounts.
Outside Bets – These match the minimum betting stakes and are mostly selections of groupings.

Straight Up (Inside Bet)
This is the simplest bet on a specified single number which pays odds of 35-1.
Split Bet:
This is a bet on the ball landing on either of two specified numbers by putting stake on adjacent lines.  It pays out at 17-1.
Street Bet
This is a bet placed on a row of three specified numbers on a vertical line.The pay out on  this bet is 11-1.
Special Street Bet
This bet is very similar to the normal street bet, but is on specif numbers 0,1 and 2 or 0,2 and 3.
Line Bet
The line bet is actually like placing two Street bets, so your covering six numbers with a 5-1 payout when you win.
Four Bet
A bet placed on the numbers 0-3 inclusive.
Corner Bet
This is a bet placed on any four adjacent squares and it pays 8-1 on a win.

Outside Bets

Column Bet – is a bet on the ball landing on any of the twelves numbers on three horizontal rows, it pays out at 2-1.
Dozen Bet  -this is a bet made up of three squares, with one from each dozen block i.e. 1-12, 13-24 and 25-36.  Zero is a loser.
Colour Bet – This is a simple bet paying evens 0 that the ball will either land on Red or Black.
Odd/Even Bets –
This is simply a bet on whether the ball will land on an odd or even (zero is a loser again) Payout is 1-1.
High/Low Number Bet – This is another even money bet, predicting that the ball will either be low (1-18) or High(19-36))

This is just a quick summary of some of the main roulette rules, you will find much more in depth information on the specific posts on our site.


Albert Einstein is reputed to have said, “You cannot overcome a roulette table unless you steal money from it.”

Another strategy is the Fibonacci process. The Fibonacci roulette wager management system is a score system. it computes a score according to results of the matches. The scenario is indicated by the score on the betting table according to which you should take a decision that is betting. The edge of the system is because losing streaks can be compensated with one triumph, that it remains relatively constant even in short runs. It’s way better in relation to the dreaded Martingale progression system that is favorable. Because it will remain in more reasonable limit than Martingale in brief runs Fibonacci system can also be less endangered by the table limits.

He called it the “dopey experiment”. The notion would be to divide your roulette session bankroll into 35 units. Therefore, if the number hits in that time, you have won back your original bankroll and can play subsequent spins with house money. If your number never hits – well, it will take an excellent deal of time to spin the wheel 35 times; think of the fun you will have in that time! In practice, this dopey experiment often leads to funny looks from your dealer at first; shortly, however, every gambler at the table will be placing cash in your amount. This turns roulette into an organization activity that can rival craps. Nevertheless, there’s just a (1 – (37 / 38)35) * 100% = 60.68% chance of winning within 35 twists (assuming a double zero wheel with 38 pockets).

There’s a standard misconception the green numbers are “house numbers” and that by betting on them one “gains the house advantage.” Actually, it’s true the house’s edge comes in the existence of the green numbers (a game without them would be statistically fair) however they’re no more or not as likely to come up than any amount.

Engineers have made various efforts to beat the house edge through predicting the mechanical operation of the wheel, most notably by Charles Wells and the famous Joseph Jagger, the guy who broke the bank at Monte Carlo. These schemes work by determining the ball is likely to fall at certain numbers and focus on the mechanics of the roulette wheel.

To make an effort to prevent exploits in this way, the casinos monitor the performance of the wheels, and rebalance and realign them regularly to make an effort to keep the effect of the spins as random as possible.

More recently Thomas Bass, in his book The Newtonian Casino 1991, has promised in order to predict wheel performance instantly.

Gambling the most likely numbers, together with members of his family, he could win over one million dollars over an interval of several years. A court ruled in his favour when the casino challenged the legality of his strategy.

In 2004, it was reported that the group in London had used mobile camera phones to call the course of the ball, a cheating technique called sector targeting. In December 2004 court adjudged that they did not cheat because their special laser camera phone and microchip were not affecting the ball – they kept all GBP1.3m.


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