Rules of Roulette

by on November 28, 2011

The rules of roulette are actually quite simple – here’s a quick summary.

In European roulette there are a total of thirty seven pockets, which include the numbers  0-36 inclusive.  These are also alternately colored red and black apart from zero which is normally green.In order to win, you need to predict the outcome of each spin of the wheel by placing bets on the outcome.

But by far the easiest way to learn the rules of roulette and betting strategies is by actually playing the game.  However obviously you don’t want to risk real money whilst learning these rules so we have something for you.

Below is a fully functioning online casino brought to us from one of the most trusted casinos in the business – Bodog.  There’s no need to register and you can play below using free tokens straight away – just try it.  Below you’ll find a summary of the rules and a quick list of the majority of the roulette bets for reference.

Have Fun

To Play for Real Money – Visit Bodog Casino

To Play for Real Money – Visit Bodog Casino

Inside Bets – There are actually a huge variety of inside bets which will normally match the maximum table amounts.
Outside Bets - These match the minimum betting stakes and are mostly selections of groupings.

Straight Up (Inside Bet)
This is the simplest bet on a specified single number which pays odds of 35-1.
Split Bet:
This is a bet on the ball landing on either of two specified numbers by putting stake on adjacent lines.  It pays out at 17-1.
Street Bet
This is a bet placed on a row of three specified numbers on a vertical line.The pay out on  this bet is 11-1.
Special Street Bet
This bet is very similar to the normal street bet, but is on specif numbers 0,1 and 2 or 0,2 and 3.
Line Bet
The line bet is actually like placing two Street bets, so your covering six numbers with a 5-1 payout when you win.
Four Bet
A bet placed on the numbers 0-3 inclusive.
Corner Bet
This is a bet placed on any four adjacent squares and it pays 8-1 on a win.

Outside Bets

Column Bet – is a bet on the ball landing on any of the twelves numbers on three horizontal rows, it pays out at 2-1.
Dozen Bet  -this is a bet made up of three squares, with one from each dozen block i.e. 1-12, 13-24 and 25-36.  Zero is a loser.
Colour Bet – This is a simple bet paying evens 0 that the ball will either land on Red or Black.
Odd/Even Bets -
This is simply a bet on whether the ball will land on an odd or even (zero is a loser again) Payout is 1-1.
High/Low Number Bet – This is another even money bet, predicting that the ball will either be low (1-18) or High(19-36))

This is just a quick summary of some of the main roulette rules, you will find much more in depth information on the specific posts on our site.


The En Prison Rule

by on October 11, 2012

You won’t see this everywhere, but if you do come across a casino or even just a table playing the En Prison rule you’re in luck.    It actually works in favor of the player and greatly increases the chances of winning particularly if you tend to place a lot of outside bets.  It’s actually very similar to the Surrender rule which you’ll also find explained on this site.

It’s pretty straight forward,  if you make an even money bet such as odd/even or black/red and the ball lands on the zero then you don’t automatically lose your stake.  In this situation the stake is considered ‘En Prison‘ and locked until the next spin of the wheel.

So your stake must remain on the table in the same place, and if it wins on the next spin it is returned to you (but without winnings).   If your bet loses then you lose your stake as normal.  Another zero means that the stake remains on the table and stays there until a non-zero comes up.

So when your stake is En prison (it stays in the same place) and the rule is as follows

  • If your bet wins you get your stake back without winnings.
  • If your bet loses then you lose the stake
  • If another zero is spun the stake stays in position.

It doesn’t sound that great but in fact it does significantly alter the odds you are playing against.  It alters the house edge in a European Casino from 2.7% advantage to a rather low 1.35% although this is obviously only for those outside bets affected by the rule.




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